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you are a child of the universe

no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here

Carolyn Regina
17 January 1992

18 - Female - Maine

<3 Cigarettes, coffee, art, marijuana, family, body mods, poetry, reading

Stay Strong.

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, a better son/daughter, adam duritz, aerosmith, angelina jolie, art, atheism, barack obama, being comfy, bic lighters, birds, birls, bisexual, bisexuality, bohemian, books, borderline personality, borderline personality disorder, brandon boyd, breasts, brian warner, burn rides, caring, cats, charity, charles manson, charlie manson, chillin, ciao, cigarettes, city lights, classic rock, coffee, coffee houses, coloring, coma white, conversations, counting crows, courtney love, crafts, crows, cuddles, cuddling, curves, curvy, deep, depression, dreadheads, dreadlocks, dreads, dunkin donuts, early morning, earth, environment, erotica, europe, expression, family, frances bean cobain, francesca lia block, friends, girl interrupted, girls, gray skies, grunge, gypsies, hazelnut creamer, headphones, healthy, hole, incubus, indie folks, insomnia, italians, italy, jim carrey, john lennon, kat von d, kurt cobain, la ink, late nights, laughing, manic depression, marijuana, marilyn manson, mary jane, maturity, medication, mental illness, miami ink, mother earth, movies, music, my italian heritage, naps, nature, nirvana, notebooks, old souls, older guys, organizers, peace, pens, piercings, poetry, protesting, reading, recovery, running in the rain, sad eyes, serial killers, shopping, sketches, sleeping, smiling, stairway to heaven, stationary, suicide girls, suicidegirls, sunshine, tattoos, texting, the beatles, thoughts and thinking, treehuggers, vintage, water, weed, woodstock, wrists, writing, writing aimlessly